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Meiling refrigerator quality services: the door of the "care"

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"There are suggestions for gifts? The world there is such a good thing? If Meiling really promises, to do the same with that, I not only buy their own, but also the obligation to become propagandists Meiling." A month ago, a Hefei, told reporters from the consumer. Today, his identity is no longer an ordinary consumer, but by Meiling cordially invited to the podium on the "star." This "shining star" from Meiling leaned on to the consumer in good faith. August 2010, the reporter had Meiling "refrigerator-quality service, Meiling pursuit of fairness" to do a cover story. Fair values of a company, leading the consumption of social justice, Meiling to the industry are focusing on here. From rural to urban, from the users to buy to use, so the full range of point and surface coverage, and more consumers to benefit from it. After a series of twists and turns, the reporter linked to the newly acquired Meiling "quality experience card" events the first prize of a user named Sheng Buxing. More than 60 years of age, over the phone an authentic accent to Hefei, people can not imagine that he was actually in their prime 40 years ago, the veteran media. Perhaps the rich experience and professional habits for the elderly to develop the ground thinking, love of the habit of asking questions, when I heard the Meiling's "quality of service experience card" campaign, the old man first asked to fill out suggestion. "Our family is now a total of three Meiling refrigerator, son and daughter are in use, this is just taking advantage of his son to new house, I suggested that he bought Meiling!" Why talk about the purchase Meiling refrigerator, old man told us that in addition to "impress the quality and service", more of a feeling. 50's follow their parents came to Hefei, Anhui he said witnessed the development of household appliances enterprises, growth, whether at home or enterprise use of the interview, of which the deep reserves, "revolutionary spirit" self-evident. Meiling relevant official told reporters: "'It was suggested to 送礼 until the refrigerator to give your', which is Meiling 'quality service' strategy important in the part. Through such activities, Meiling to the development of enterprises and Xiaofei are closely tied to the idea, seriously listen to the most authentic voice from the market, the development of enterprises to inject new vitality! " In Meiling Company, the reporter saw the elderly from Sheng Buxing fill the "quality experience card", Gonggongzhengzheng revealed the elderly the writing of serious work. Every month, like this "experience card" will be brought together from far apart to Hefei Meiling market by the R & D, sales and other related services sector to review and filtering unity, for the consumer for a very good proposal, companies will not only give consumers certain material rewards, but also will be in the future to assess the proposal, adoption and implementation. In addition, all enterprises, "offering advice and suggestions" consumers, Meiling will be rewarded and appreciated. End of the interview, the reporter in the elderly fill out a card at the end of that line: "Business can not develop without the support of the local government and consumers, particularly native Meiling that local firms need 'family' care." a few little words, thought-provoking.
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