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Bugle depreciates since freezer noise

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Recently, the refrigerator that sells lacking in initiative and overcautious all along also rang to depreciate sound. Before paragraph time, air conditioning it may be said is limelight goes out, the price war of its like a raging fire, affecting the eyeball of consumer. Recently, sell the refrigerator of lacking in initiative and overcautious all along in refrigerant world, also rang to depreciate everywhere sound.

The reporter visited the Dongguan such as beauty of vogue, country recently each everybody report sells the discovery when field, this year (2006) the price war that each freezer manufacturer starts summer let the price achieve new low, luxurious to opening the door freezer becomes “ Jin Jiuyin quickly the scare buying central issue with 10 hot ” .

   All fronts of of all kinds freezer depreciates

In the urban district each sell greatly, there is depreciating mark “ to fall continuously on every freezer almost ” , “8 breaks the word such as ” of ” , “ special offer. According to reporter observation, average last year price still maintains the computer in 3500 yuan of above lukewarm accuse energy-saving last freezer, had fallen to be controlled to 3000 yuan nowadays. Below the pine, 150 litres of double doors do not have the foreign brand such as SamSung fluorine lasts freezer is in fall after reaching 1800 yuan, had sold even out of stock. The sale young lady that occupies some brand introduces, and why to change the costly strategy former days to joint-stock brand, turn and also enter depreciate greater part team, her explanation is to get used to more to consume crowd and seasonal need, just had such sales promotion.

Ice of fashionable electric equipment washs Mr Li of the ministry to tell a reporter, compare with Xia Chu, of value of whole freezer product highest fall be in at least 30 % above. Depreciate this from August the middle ten days of a month already began, already lasted nearly two weeks, it is individual brand at first, mass nowadays brand was joined depreciate cavalcade. Depreciate the each model the whole line that limits is each brand depreciates, depreciate extent amounts to 1000 yuan even 2000 yuan. Many refrigerator that import a brand also had 600 yuan of ~ 800 yuan fall. For example generation of Yi Lai Ke Sixin does not have fluorine without frost 3 open the door freezer price falls from 5999 yuan reach 4999 yuan, fall amount to 1000 yuan; Below the pine, SamSung freezer also fell 500 yuan of ~ 600 yuan. Among them to opening the door freezer falls one of LG from 8000 yuan reach 7999 yuan; Freezer of Xi Menzi environmental protection falls from 3980 yuan reach 3080 yuan.

   To opening the door freezer depreciates your person is enchanted

Begin from last year, dongguan sells greatly each begin to appear in succession luxurious large volume puts the face of box on the ice to opening the door, the product such as SamSung, LG is introduced Dongguan, although this kind of large freezer is luxurious air, and the function is varied also, but the price is controlled to 20 thousand yuan in 12 thousand yuan mostly, let numerous favour its consumer flinchs.
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