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LG rich and powerful family appears on 07 freezer trend

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On April 12, study by the market that surpass Nuo newspaper of electron of company, China, China standardizes brunt of academy and association of Chinese home appliance to undertake " forum of tendency of the market of 2007 China freezer " begin ceremoniously in Beijing. The international such as Er of LG, sea, home each are big the manufacturer is right this second forum gave very great attention, be opposite in succession 06, 7 years the development existing state of affairs of freezer industry and trend expressed respective point of view.
Among them, provide the LG of business of white power plant of consequence most as the whole world, advance idea of ” of “ artist report in home appliance bound first and the wide attention that caused numerous and professional personage. And the freezer of rich and powerful family of artist report — that appears on the market in China as first is with its distinctive artistic glamour conquered more all personages attending the meeting, bursa of with one action obtains “2007 China freezer to recommend a brand the optimal skill that to opening the door freezer stresses freezer of China of contributive award ” , “2007 to recommend a brand designs freezer of China of award ” , “2007 to recommend a brand last ” of technical innovation award 3 large award, become the most dazzling star on this second forum.

Investigation data shows related the Nuo that occupy contest, total sales volume of trade of freezer of 2006 year China is 30.79 million, among them, exit achieves 16.7 million, year grow 25.1% . Forecast according to the expert, 7 years freezer industry will maintain good growth momentum of 6 years continuously, especially high end runs from opposite directions the capacity of retail sales field is growth of hopeful twice number more. And in the market the sale waves one piece below red circumstance, artistic exterior, last, the new technology such as frequency conversion, new idea reveals a new development momentum, energy-saving technology makes the central point that consumer place pays close attention to again. To this, association of home appliance of Chinese standardization academy, China was released through this forum " white paper of market of 2006 China freezer " , be aimed at can effect GB edits and energy-saving upgrade, new-style technology, home appliance art changed the heat problem such as the trend to undertake development communication and discuss.

On this second forum, artistic exterior lasts with what get attention fully all the time, energy-saving the heat that waits for a topic to become place of all circles personage to pay close attention to. Discuss ardently what this one new idea caused personage attending the meeting more to ” of “ artist report especially. Controller of freezer of some electric firm says frankly to the reporter, “ product exterior already made the style that the first home of freezer product fits, it is standard of their first choose and buy. ”
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