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Forum of 2007 freezer market

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On April 12, the theme is “ green the forum of tendency of the market of 2007 China freezer of energy-saving and fresh fashionable ” is held ceremoniously in Beijing. This second forum consumes media of electronic industry authority by Chinese home appliance " Chinese electron signs up for " surpass Nuo market to study the company is sponsorred jointly with orgnaization of authoritative market research, the both sides on the meeting was released jointly " the country in 2006 uses freezer market white paper " (the following abbreviation " white paper " ) . Sina net undertakes exclusive network direct seeding to this second conference.

" white paper " show, chinese freezer market appeared a whole to wave apparently 2006 red posture, up to by 2006, year of sale of Chinese freezer enterprise achieved 30.79 million, add compared to the same period fast achieve 19.56% , promoted 8 percent. Among them, what sale in domestic market achieves 14.27 million is new tall, increased 13.6 percent compared to the same period, increase rate also achieves 5 years to come top level. In the meantime, growth of export sales volume continues to carry the development state of prep above sale in domestic market, chinese freezer market exported a quantity to be sixteen million six hundred and ninety-nine thousand eight hundred 2006, grow 25.19% compared to the same period.

Good market grew a state to bring the opportunity of development for each freezer manufacturer. Performance of new power of share of Chinese freezer market is outstanding 2006, market structure is in delicate change has produced below the concussion of force with all possible means, a marked characteristic is, the market share the sum of before 8 brands appears apparent downtrend, from 2005 83.34% fall to 74.3% . " white paper " analyse its reason to be: Name and the 10th the 9th brand appeared stronger ascendant momentum.

The another main show of market whole up-and-up is the mature development of technology of of all kinds freezer. " white paper " the analysis thinks, all sorts of new technologies apply extensively with what new material pledges, increased to sell a site newly for the product, satisfied market demand, drove the integral sales volume of freezer market directly thereby, the ceaseless maturity that is like fashionable exterior design, energy-saving technology, last the ceaseless promotion of technology and frequency conversion technology is waited a moment. Mix from January 2007 the expression of domestic freezer market looked in Feburary, new-style technology still is freezer manufacturer old write an essay advocate push sell a site, market share also tilts to these manufacturer gradually.

Make an on-the-spot investigation integratedly and evaluate 2006 and the whole of each brand and product behaved market of freezer of 1-2 month China 2007, sponsor square have the aid of of this second forum hold, recommend market of freezer of China of a batch of 2006-2007 ceremoniously to behave outstanding brand to industry and market.
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