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Life electric equipment walks into innovation times

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Newest data shows, product of report of our country hutch sold amount comparing to go up 2006 year of growth 40 % , in high-end product and low end the scale of the product, also by the 3 ∶ 2005 7 rise to 4 ∶ 6, the demand of hutch report product expands in gross while, the structure also tends high end.

About expert analysis, in recent years, more and more people cast eye Xiang Zhonggao carries life electric equipment, and pay attention to its innovation content particularly.

Innovation gives birth to the mission of enterprise of vivid electric equipment

Whether can the freezer of your home make overmuch fluorine? Whether can lampblack machine keep clear of effectively lampblack? Whether does kitchen burning gas achieve sufficient combustion? Are voltage force Bao and electromagnetism furnace whether always undesigned set forward ammeter? A variety of …… evidence make clear, people is pressing need more lives that start new him beautification.

And to enterprise of life electric equipment, the innovation that waits for each respect with technology, product, service will promote people's life quality, it is the mission that must fulfil. Get like life electric equipment army electric equipment of enterprise —— boss always thinks in that way, business it may not be a bad idea, brand it may not be a bad idea, innovation is forever the first.

The enterprise of innovation also can get rich and generous get one's own back necessarily, in March 2007, news of trade of national statistic bureau releases a center to issue 2006 year sales volume the first brand, industry of machine of the cigarette inside the various states of perch of boss electric equipment the first, kitchen has an industry the 3rd, name of it may be said comes solid return.

The life is more beautiful in innovation

Innovation can make this good already life better, such innovation product also can gain the favour of consumer certainly.

By 2001, the sound that appears on the market in the United States accuses TV, can discern in noisy hall not only phonate sound executes an order, still can search program channel automatically, it is good to cast master place; Sound accuses a system to be able to be pressed beforehand the time directive with good set, ” of punctual “ lock lives television, and need not hold heart children to see a TV program spend evening again.

On our country market, the voltage force Bao that by boss electric equipment manufacturing name is ” of “ E board one, can according to environmental temperature the temperature inside self-adjusting boiler, achieve heat preservation result; Cook after the process ends, electromagnetism a powerful person will be automatic pressure release, when safe province; And the place that it has “ wisdom ” most depends on —— can boiling the meal that gives 6 kinds of different taste to come according to the individual's need.
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