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Homebred freezer only 17.3% enter high-end market

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Dispatch of sina science and technology on April 11 message, 12 days of themes are “ green the forum of tendency of the market of 2007 China freezer of energy-saving and fresh fashionable ” will be held in Beijing. Sina home appliance will be exclusive direct seeding this forum. It is reported, come from last year the average price of freezer product did not fall, appeared however substantially promotion, this basically is reflected in high-end domain, but the product that domestic brand has 17.3% only can enter high-end market.
Show according to surpassing the monitoring data of Nuo, average retail prices reached Chinese freezer market 2006 2450 yuan / stage, grew 8.26% than 2005, achieve the history top level. And in 2002-2004 year during, the average retail prices of freezer market drops with the speed of 3.1%-4.4% , to 2004 average retail prices obtains the product nadir 2073 yuan / stage, with photograph comparing reduced 254 yuan 2001 / stage.

Analytic personage thinks, this results from on one hand raw material rises in price, the market supplies shortage, product to upgrade wait for an element, also explained the brand competes to had promoted the value war that uses a product to differ dissimilation and core of brand difference melt into to come up from pure price war mode on the other hand. And the expressional domain with the directest and sufficient battle of this kind of value is high-end market.

Show according to surpassing the monitoring data of Nuo, look from retail gauge model, what sell in freezer is off-season, the sale proportion of high-end freezer is already adjacent 20% what reach whole market even; From the point of turnover dimensions, market share of high end is in 30% the left and right sides wanders, in the sale off-season can be close to 40% , that is to say, high-end market the sale share that with be less than whole market dimensions acquired two become sales volume to exceed 3 to become. Clearly of high-end market growing rate.

With respect to high-end market character, the retail volume that 40% is control comes from 3 open the door the freezer that reachs above, and its also are in in the turnover portion of high-end market 40% the left and right sides; The retail volume that 10% is control comes from to opening the door freezer, and its already exceeded 20% in the turnover portion of high-end market, adjacent even 30% .

But, go up in the high-end market that can think freezer manufacturer brings rich and generous profit together so, however lack sees shop sign of home made product. Show according to surpassing the monitoring data of Nuo, domestic brand has the product of 17.3% to be able to enter high-end market only, and foreign capital brand all exceeds 50% , korea brand is to be as high as 68% more. Domestic brand has Home Hai Eryi to have enough investment to high-end market only almost, other all with in low end the market is given priority to, only few product can enter high-end market. In to opening the door this plants freezer market proportion is smaller, but those who be worth to rejoice is, homebred this year brand is being increased gradually roll out strength to what open the door, fly beautiful water chestnut, newly, Rong Shengjun has products introducing to the market. Predict the brand pattern of high-end market will change somewhat 2007.
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