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India: Electric home appliances
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Because the entrance doorsill of electric home appliances The kitchen establishment that needs advantage and equipment will satisfy the need of the market

The different point of India and other developing country, it is Indian family takes the galley equipment in the home and kitchen seriously to decorate very much, when the Indian is buying bridal chamber, the first those who begin to decorate is a kitchen, and, the Indian thinks to cook in the home, repast compares dining-room repast more comfortable, goluptious, plus India often be mode of big family chummage, the demand to kitchen electric equipment and things is very so huge.

All cuisine things - large with diminutive - of auxiliary cook and repast, in India prices is valued, hope because of the Indian middle class that increases increasingly the things of more new-style advantage. Accordingly, food machines equipment, things of cook of big, medium, diminutive, there is first-rate market in India. Same, the demand that Indian consumer tastes to basic hutch house property still tremendous, if assorted gas burner replaces the kitchen in the past,provide, the provision that disintegrator replaces the past machines things to wait a moment.

Like Korea company tornado occupational India market

2003, 2 Korea company lands Indian market successfully, they are LG and SamSung companies. Resemble LG company, wait for a product with their freezer that do not have frost, washing machine, microwave oven and air conditioning, open the market quickly, become the eldest child of Indian market. LG invests huge fund and manpower to raise the yield of the factory, carry the product ad that blot out the sky and cover up the earth, the acknowledge that makes people very high to its product generation is spent, all these activities established his success in Indian market.

Foreground still inviting

Indian electric home appliances

Because the after service level of Indian household electrical appliance and things is very low still, develop prospect to what product of Indian home electric equipment did not come, can ground of make no doubt of says, very inviting still, have very large development space. In the meantime, develop as economic high speed, people also is in likewise to the change demand of electric equipment and things growth, because the kitchenware of most Indian family is very dated still, backward. Although, resemble China such most industry country, the market that their electric home appliances Previous12 Next

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