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Compressor riding quality raises Enbulake considerably

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Beijing favour cloth helps division compressor company is the key joint ventures that Beijing grand amounts to holding company, also be home the earliest
Introduce foreign advanced technique to produce the joint ventures of freezer compressor. As market demand rise increasingly and compete
increasingly intense, the enterprise also is faced with huge to challenge in dominant position of the lead position in the industry and market. Face enterprise hair
Exhibit the problem that face, beijing grand amounts to development of holding company leading group to begin market survey, analyse industry and look forward to seriously
Industry grows prospect, on the foundation of rational analysis, bold and decision-making, produce through increasing endowment spread, introduce an advanced technique, hair
Brandish brand advantage, the industry that makes favour cloth helps company of division freezer compressor precedes position and technical advantage get further
Consolidate, industry economy riding quality rises considerably, efficiency of state-owned capital operation promotes apparently.

   Carry out add endowment enlarge to produce, raise scale of high-end estate market

After grand amounts to holding company leading group to pass the survey of markets of pair of home appliance estate, analysis, think home appliance industry looks
Although,the market competes before very intense already, but in the superior goods that precedes in product of development high end and technology, market hair
Exhibit foreground very capacious still, the efficient environmental protection that has good brand advantage, technology advantage especially is energy-saving product,
Action will lead importantly in the play in the market. Accelerating development high end below the management thought guidance of efficient product, 2
Holding company of 5 years of Long Da Brazil of with American benefit riverside company subsidiary the company adds Enbulake jointly endowment 6000 much
Dollar, introduce have international the product line of EM series compressor of advanced level and manufacturing technology, make company scale of production
Actual strength rises considerably, by year freezer compressor productivity 2.2 million, enlarge year of production 4.4 million, than former
Productivity broke up one time. Business market divides the forehead to get distensible further, be in especially the market dominant of high-end product
The position got consolidating further.

Development high end is energy-saving fall bad news product, outstanding brand benefit is revealed  

Develop Enbulake adequately to regard global refrigeration industry as the advantage of the first brand, increase endowment spread postpartum, production
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