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Market dimensions will break through small home appliance 2011 one billion seven

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Come from Sai Di's advisory newest data to show, crop of Chinese small home appliance achieved one billion two hundred and seventy-four million nine hundred and seventy thousand 2006, export nine hundred and twenty-five million one hundred and ten thousand, the whole world the China of out of product of small home appliance of 80% above. Additional, since 2002, the crop of industry of Chinese small home appliance maintains the growth of 10% above all the time. Sai Di adviser predicts, 5 years market of Chinese small home appliance will hold future 8% growth rate of the left and right sides, 2007-2011 year integral market dimensions will break through 500 billion yuan.

Yang Song of analyst of research center of industry of electron of consumption of Inc. of Sai Di adviser is strong express: “ our country is production center of global small home appliance, opportunity of treatment of coffeepot of electric jug, report, food (juicer, mixer) , heat the crop of the small home appliance such as kind of small-sized appliance, hair dryer, razor has occupied world first place. ”

Dimensions of market of whole of our country small home appliance was 85.31 billion yuan 2006, grow 14.1% compared to the same period. Among them hutch is defended kind occupy about 81% , household kind occupy about 15% , the individual nurses kind occupy about 4% . From the point of the sale, the popularity rate of our country small home appliance is higher and higher, sale in successive years increases by degrees.

2006, market of small home appliance appeared price machine of thousands of yuan report pressure cooker, on 10 thousand yuan oil absorption cigarette, thousands of yuan razor. To this, bay Wu Jianjiang of manager of product of small home appliance of center of Henan of company of business affairs of Ma stalking or branch expresses, the gross profit that waits for 5%-6% of traditional home appliance than color television, air conditioning, freezer is led, at present the wool interest rate of small home appliance maintains however in 20%-30% . Come from a country the home appliance such as beautiful, Su Ning sells the information of field to also make clear, product of small home appliance has made its new profit point of growth.

As to the tall reason with the market such gain of small home appliance, yang Song says by force: “ small home appliance because technical content is relatively inferior, do not need to buy core part, the manufacturer has bargain capacity to upriver component, plus our country's abundant and cheap labor natural resources, for the big home appliance with because this is opposite already sufficient old competition, the outstanding achievement can of industry of small home appliance weighs one branch alone beautiful. ”

Yang Song is strong think, 2007, industry of Chinese small home appliance will continue to carry fast growth trend, the brand competes also more will intense.
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