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Ji Zaijing of promotion of efficient and energy-saving electric equipment starte

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Air conditioning, freezer can effect label was stuck fast 3 years, but a lot of consumer still look not to understand can effect mark. Yesterday (7 years on April 17) , ji Zaijing of promotion of efficient and energy-saving electric equipment started the whole nation 2007, the activity is sponsorred just will sell a spot to teach consumer to look in specific home appliance can effect label goes comparing a choose and buy energy-saving product. Additional, to 2010 our country is carried out can the product that effect marks will achieve 20 kinds.

The reporter understands, during energy-saving promotion season, su Ning appoint home appliance to sell field general to commissioner teachs consumer how to be passed can etc of wastage of the energy efficiency grade on effect label, the sources of energy is main function index, of product of more different type, different brand can effect and circumstance of specific power consumption.

Concerned expert thinks, if consumer knows when buying air conditioning he can save how many the sources of energy and expense, this meeting helps them make more well-advised choice. It is with air conditioning exemple: With 5 class air conditioning (can effect lowest grade) photograph comparing, 1 class air conditioning (can effect is highest grade) the sources of energy that can save 30 % above for consumer.

Additional, chinese standardization academy can Wang Rehong of vice director of effect standard management center still discloses to the reporter, room air conditioning implement with family expenses freezer two products are carried out can since effect marks two years, for our country managing 3.7 billion degrees of report. The energy efficiency of air conditioning product is in carry out this two years to come, raised 5 % compared to the same period, the product of 1 class grew 2 % . And freezer energy efficiency raised 4 % compared to the same period, the scale of one form product rose 14. 4 % . At present national hair changes appoint already took the lead a few ministries and commissions, begin to consider to expand can the product range that effect marks.

Wang Rehong expresses, to national “ 915 ” end namely 2010, it is the home appliance product such as TV, air conditioning not only, include 20 kinds of terminal such as the office equipment such as computer and even lighting electric equipment to use can product, also will carry out entirely can effect marks.

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