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Freezer market window: "Much more lukewarm " " become lukewarm "

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Before two years since, each mainstream brand quits world freezer job in succession notional hype, returned to refrigeration core, what pay close attention to freezer to bring customer more is personal experience, the brand of freezer of world main stream such as Er of sound of division dragon, look, sea, Xi Menzi, Yilaikesi all delivers the view to a direction: Much loop is much more lukewarm area freezer. For example, xi Menzi rolls out temperature to be able to manage the 3 lukewarm divisions in 0 ℃ 3 loops freezer, sea Er is rolled out can decide temperature in 0 ℃ - the 4 lukewarm areas of 7 ℃ 3 loops freezer, yilaikesi also rolls out freezer of 3 lukewarm areas. Division dragon company was to roll out 4 loops more freezer of 9 lukewarm areas. This year, division dragon put forward broadband of “ of 46 lukewarm areas to become lukewarm again ” freezer, change of conservatory become lukewarm limits comes for 15 ℃ one 30 ℃ , give 46 different temperature changeably, master but according to alimental how many, alimental characteristic, choose an optimal temperature at will. Accordingly, freezer controls the constant change of the respect in temperature, adumbrative freezer is about to enter “ to become lukewarm times ” . Current, much more lukewarm area becomes lukewarm to put the pronoun that box already made high-grade refrigerator on the ice circularly more.

What is meant by “ does much more lukewarm area become lukewarm ” ? Say popularly, much more lukewarm area becomes lukewarm is freezer temperature decide by ourselves. E.g. , the freedom of Rong Shengshuang loop that appeared on the market March last year is much more lukewarm the area becomes lukewarm the ” of “ freezer compartment in freezer is OK from + 10 ℃ comes - between 36 ℃ aleatoric set, and freezer of traditional double lukewarm area has + only 7 ℃ and - 18 ℃ secures lukewarm area twice.

Go up century 80 time, control technical maturity as computer, computer is lukewarm accuse a technology to be applied by successful ground at freezer, freezer is consequently lukewarm accuse precision to get huge rises. Accuse lukewarm precision, became big wrist of world each freezer to compare the core index that spells a technology. People accuses understanding of lukewarm ” literal accurately to “ , it is to point to prep above of temperature “ both neither, also not under ” a certain value. Before technology of much loop of division dragon schism is born, the “ of all freezer on the world is accurate lukewarm accuse ” , although be in the most advanced computer is lukewarm “ of temperature of accurate control freezer also can be accomplished only in accusing freezer not a certain value of prep above ” , and cannot accomplish “ to be worth under ” certain at the same time.

Why the “ of freezer accuses accurately since lukewarm ” is long-term even if also can accomplish “ only on computer freezer not prep above ” of a certain value, and cannot accomplish “ not tall not low, be equal to a certain value of ” fitly? Primary reason depends on the confine of construction of system of ” of loop of “ series connection. Its are basic the feature is, the room between each deposit of freezer (safe, freezer compartment) be gone to by series connection same a closed refrigeration circulatory system is medium. Freezer compartment and safe two bulb that go up as series circuit, an all leaves, close all. Series construction was destined freezer compartment and the set temperature that refrigerate room temperature to often need under user place far, was destined freezer is lukewarm the “ that accuse accuses not to accuse low ” high, this increased the burden of charge of electricity of the user already, accentuated again the destruction of food nutrition. Accordingly, this kind of result, not can accusing at computer lukewarm accuse a technology not quite brillant, and depend on the malpractice with inherent itself of structure of series connection loop.
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