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Hai Ergao carries tide of whole world of freezer perfect transplanting to live

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A few days ago, sea Er is in market of freezer of domestic high end is overhand ” of atom bomb of “ of a heavy pound, the many set that be in harmony assembles each country amorous feelings synchronism of product of freezer of 22 high end appears on the market. This also is sea Er first large-scale the system of globalization research and development that employs its to precede, will mix in the United States, Europe only originally the product of freezer of top class high end that Japanese market sells respectively brings back home market, predict to will change the structure of market of freezer of domestic high end thoroughly.

Gentleman of seamount of vice-president bridge of sea Er group expresses, market of freezer of domestic high end is mature with each passing day, consumer had surmounted traditional idea to the pursuit of freezer, the hope realizes life quality and global synchronism. Sea Er introduces a large number of abroad and top class products home market first, it is very significant attempt, representing strategy of brand of sea Er globalization to enter a new level. While future of sea Er freezer is continueing to bring lead product, also will increase the proportion that the global synchronism of the product appears on the market, consolidate the lead dominant position of global market.

In 22 products that this synchronism appears on the market, what be worth to be carried most is sea Er whole world French of first super space runs from opposite directions door freezer. Its French puts box design concept on the ice to come from Europe to opening the door, broke through traditional freezer space confine, on the technology, it assembled the most advanced patent VC is at present revulsive last, refrigeration of double wind act, the environmental protection refrigeration that used multichannel air channel, angle to establish systematic circulation designs a concept, came true to surmount nature to grow of the environment last the effect. Freezer of each high end enters sea Er in succession home, will overturn thoroughly home's still immature high-end freezer market.

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