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Small town swarms into individual character, fashionable small home appliance

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Of brand of a few international confuse the your television, treasure in confusing your freezer, palm, MP4 to wait a moment, be in city of class of a certain county the have everything that one expects to find in representative of a home appliance, and contact crowd in an endless stream, the business is fiery very.

Receive the telephone call that the domestic swat of county of public security of a Hubei comes to, since the son after using an E that prevents myopia to inspect a pen, of the child read write word pose to had been finished correct came over.

Be opposite previously the child's myopia, bow-backed be anxious to also be done not have again. So this parent was in the supermarket of discount of foreign trade home appliance of a the closest sell like hot cakes to buy low one product, the effect is very apparent.

Store of discount of foreign trade home appliance? The city of provincial capital class that this just develops in economy ability some, and, because it is the near future only,just appear, dissolve of prefectural class market enters such “ the product of trendy ” , it is a thing that is novelty very.

Holding doubt in the arms, came to that discount brand shop, this calls the monopolistic discount of ” of hundred of “ Wanner E inn, its product characteristic basically is with “ new ”“ surprises ”“ is special ” is given priority to. In bustling stream of people, have the student that wearing glasses, a little housewife also, even still old man old lady is rambling add trouble to. The product of this inn basically is popular Euramerican small home appliance is given priority to, and every product is home market is infrequent, but it is domestic home place is necessary, pardonable the business here such fire.

One confuses your television unexpectedly just a few yuan of money! See above mark a price, sucked an air conditioning, cabinet, delicate, just carry, and the function that follows common television almost a person of extraordinary powers is indiscriminate, this is too cheap also! A lot of people around enquiring beside that television, a salesman says, onefold the time in the morning, a small TV has sold gave a few.

A client is told, the consumable nowadays is seeking the consumption that individuation, vogue changes, function of product of electron of Wanner E hundred is clear, design novel, individual character dye-in-the-wood, extremely rich appeal, as it happens caters to the consumptive idea of modern. Consumer nature go after sth like a flock of ducks.

Nowadays, gain of traditional home appliance is meager with each passing day, traditional home appliance replaces rate slow, market cycle is long, and beauty elephantine a country, Su Ning, big in like wait for supermarket of large home appliance however because of its body is enormous and cannot enter prefectural class town, this kept a tremendous market empty file after one's death to it.
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