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Lucky Sa appears on international car to be exhibited with the electron, all-aro

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Lucky Sa (Renesas Technology Taiwan) participates in the international car that ran at Taipei a few days ago to use electronic exhibition (Autro Tronics Taipei) , cover acoustics of car of Car Audio (showpiece) , system of information of navigation of car of Car Information System () and Car Networking&Car of Car Body System (uses network and automobile body system) wait for 3 big themes, provide complete solution and real product application.

Lucky Sa expresses, this company in recent years deep ploughing car uses electronic field, and lucky Sa car applies extensively already also at each car to go up with electronic product with electronic product. The Car Audio that lucky Sa exhibits with the electron in Taipei international car exhibited an area to exhibit the solution of system of effect of USB number sound of SH-2A, and the car uses solution of power supply of electricity of acoustics low cost; The area is exhibited to be had showpiece in Car Information System video differentiate the ﹔ of SoC (SH Navi) with the car high-powered navigation system that handles a function this is explicit Car Networking&Car Body System exhibited an area to reveal the car control of Flex-Ray and car communication.

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