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Company of American ideal industry (IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC. , the United States is ideal) expressed to will attend to was held April a few days ago 3 exhibit meeting —— greatly electron of the 69th China is exhibited (Shenzhen, came 14 days on April 12) , 2007 (the 8th) southwest automation and exhibition of instrument appearance international (Chengdu, in April 25 to 28 days) , appearance of instrument of the 10th international reachs 2007 China northeast industrial automation exhibition (Shenyang, in April 2007 27 to 29 days) . This company will show technology of its all fronts and product, especially advanced electric test and measure a product, the spot demonstrates the technical characteristic of these products and function, the user that is each industries offers full-scale test to measure a solution.

To American ideal, develop this 3 big markets to have very important strategy sense. Afore-mentioned 3 exhibit the heat area that all can develop in our country economy to hold, and each area characteristic. The Chinese electron that can exhibit a center to hold in Shenzhen exhibits those who add the corresponding period to hold Tele-Expo communication was exhibited 2007, showpiece gross area predicts to exceed 60000 square metre, it is key of Shenzhen municipal government those who recommend is high grade exhibit one of meeting projects; Southwest automation and exhibition of instrument appearance international got southwest 3 provinces are electron of appearance of one city automation, instrument, electric power, computer, mechanical, the support of your kind effort that major learns related tens of homes such as manufacturing industry, have extensive and solid professional audience base; Appearance of instrument of the 10th international and industrial automation exhibition are located in northeast manufacturing industry of national modernization equipment and base of industry of important raw material, market prospect is increasingly capacious.

This year, american ideal is aimed at Chinese market and user characteristic, will be in the electric test that exhibits the key on the meeting to recommend high quality, high reliability and measure a product, include the market to go up among them most general monitor appearance with harmonic of the analyzer of quality of 800 series electric energy that uses easily, voltage, can be opposite the Suretest circuit analyzer that implementation of communication distribution network checks in the round, flaw-detecting apparatus of SureTest wire cable, and test gear of test of clamp watch series, ground connection and insulation test, appearance sequence test, intensity of illumination, temperature.

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