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Tianjin held gain of " international section 2007 meeting " shows product of ene

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The international of " China Tianjin that by China the unit such as energy-saving association sponsors is energy-saving exposition of industry of environmental protection green " , will hold at was in Tianjin to 29 days on March 27, 2007. Exposition will be built for enterprise of energy-saving environmental protection reveal, the platform of promotion, commerce, collaboration.

According to China energy-saving association introduces, meeting " will pass gain of this section of second " international a series of product of energy-saving environmental protection is revealed, the height is talked

Meeting ginseng exhibits business this mortal world to achieve energy-saving fall of bad news and environmental protection standard, all be included government and enterprise to purchase a plan, be in a few a hunderd schools of countrywide assist do a website to go up to be publicized into cavalcade name, after partial product is met, will recommend to large company directly use.

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