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Ending of Tyco fractionation spring, peaceful division electron is formal solo f

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The reporter exhibits the know on ” in the electron of “ Munich Shanghai that held at Shanghai a few days ago, preexistence bound one of 500 strong companies limited company of peaceful division international (of Tyco International) tear apart the job to had neared end, anticipation is in finish inside spring this year. According to the plan, this has the product line with numerous long history through buying, in the electron electric, fire prevention is mixed Wu of kimono of product of safe service, medical treatment, engineering product, plastic wait for 5 business domain to all be in the whole world with adhesive of lead position gigantic not have bully the company will be torn apart the company —— of 3 independence is integrated medical treatment of division of peaceful of medical treatment enterprise, every company all owns independent board of directors and administrative system.

This is afterwards the beginning of the year since this company announces fractionation plans, the reporter has an opportunity to manage a layer with respect to division of peaceful of this matter consult first, speak of the setting of fractionation, the memory of presiding apparitor Mr Tom Lynch of peaceful division electron says: “ a year half previously, the CEO of international of our division of peaceful of parent company —— raised a such questions to us: It how make our company grows the land is better to how make our company grows the land? Apparently, between our business section relatively independent and mutual between without any correlation, if we tear open departure to stand,come out to will be opposite respective development has better program, after for instance cent of electron of our peaceful division comes out OK oneself are done advocate, plan more active and actively our product and development plan. He expresses ” further, “ goes a few years in, peaceful division already had taken the route of a very long evolution. Our asset is in debt and cash shedding state is driving, the finance affairs of a lot of bequeath and legal problem had gotten settlement. After as politic to this kind as company board of directors choice undertakes making an on-the-spot investigation thoroughly, we think to tear apart the company be 3 independent companies is the optimal way that makes these business realize total latent capacity. Through devoting oneself to its respective development strategy with independent company, electron of division of peaceful division medical treatment, peaceful and TFS/TEPS aux will be able to achieve faster, more active progress quite, the partner that is us finally creates more value. ”

Peaceful division electron shows new form with all one's strength

Among them, 1/3 what the income of peaceful division electron takes whole group about. As a variety of electrons yuan the supplier of parts of an apparatus, the product of peaceful division electron includes connector, switch, relay, circuit to protect equipment, feeling screen, resistor, electrical wiring, cable and fiber-optic reach a system with wireless parts of an apparatus. In the 12.7 billion dollar 2006 the sale is formed in, the proportion that electronic component holds year of sale is achieved 73% , the rest of it is network solution respectively 14% , wireless system 7% and other product. Lynch expresses: “ looks from sale district, the sale that we are very proud is us is very even the ground distributings alive bound 3 the mainest markets, include America 39% , Europe 34% and Asian 27%(among them China occupies 11%) . The newest data that ” provides according to this company, peaceful division electron has employee number to amount to in the whole world 99, 000 people, there is 34 in China only among them, 000 people. In experience insanity of 10 years is bought recently, this company get down system of power source of such as AMP, Potter And Brumfield, bright dispatch and other companies. Go 10 years however, because competitive aggravate and limit profit are reduced, reducing cost is the problem that puzzles peaceful division all the time. After tearing apart, peaceful division electron will enter new level with the appearance of an independent company, designed new company Logo, at present board of directors and administrative layer had been established end, the Bai Wen that new company headquarters is located in Ni Yazhou of standard of American guest evening.
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