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Forum of 2007 countries beautiful home appliance altar of the 3rd field theory

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Forum of home appliance of 2007 countries beautiful whole world is held formally in Beijing today, this second forum is sponsorred by group of national beautiful electric equipment, forum of Asia of rich a huge legendary turtle assist do. Forum theme innovates hand in hand for “ manufacturer surely ” of life of home appliance character. Production enterprise of Yellow Sea of assistant of minister of frugal of Louqin of undersecretary of Long Yongtu of secretary-general of forum of rich a huge legendary turtle, MII, Department of Commerce, home appliance got a soldier to all attend this plenary meeting content. Sina science and technology undertakes direct seeding of article of whole journey graph to this second forum.

On the meeting, huang Guangyu announced a country to the outside first the United States develops a program 10 years, put forward to be in future inside 5 years, the United States will become the state the home appliance with the greatest whole world interlinks one of enterprises, in future in 10 years, the country is beautiful interlink the home appliance that makes global first, best show the enterprise.

The graph is: Forum of 2007 countries beautiful home appliance altar of the 3rd field theory. Forum theme is: Company liability and Chinese value. The speech content that is each honored guest to go up in altar of the 3rd field theory below.

Compere: The honored guest that thanks us very much gives us the point of view that essence of life adopts, next I want to collect the honored guest that invites a few heavyweight to enter the conversational time of next forum with us, let our applause ask group of beauty going abroad Mr Huang Guangyu, home appliance association Mr Chen Gang, national beautiful group Mr Li Juntao, gentleman of river of Ao Kesi Zheng Jian, tall annals Mr Li Xinghao, china banner Mr Feng Jun, TCL Mr Shi Mosheng, achieve gentleman of Wei Yangdong article, the pine issues gentleman of river wild actor, flying benefit riverside Mr Huang Ruiren, hua Jiang Mr Ju Yaoming of 3 ocean.

Genuine greeting everybody adds the segment that speaks to us again, I think us today's forum held a day, have a particularly big gains to the everybody that be present, no matter be of industry of our home appliance,produce manufacturer namely, the delegate of current perhaps domain, everybody's collective attention is centered on the demand of consumer, because we spent rife time today,paying close attention to life of character of our innovation home appliance. The one instant that no matter be us,a moment ago each keyword comes out, or when the point of view that honored guest essence adopts is elaborated, character life is our pursuit. To each person that be present, want to realize our character life, everybody go up personally bear a few heavy burden, so this momently, I want to listen to everybody's aspirations. Mr Feng Jun is my old friend, you are our famous patriot, more also to the understanding of consumer, you feel we are such energetically attention character lives, and we want to make a few products that fit character life promotion, what do you feel the responsibility on him body has?
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