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Electron of Brazilian South America yuan facilities of package, production and f

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Paul of national city emperor sponsors unit Germany Munich to show the exhibition company with group and the biggest Brazil
Undertake unit peaceful wave opens luck to show limited company
Supportive unit exhibits electron of South America of meeting name Brazil yuan package, production facilities and fair of photoelectricity technology trade hold time 2007-04-23 to end ginseng of time 2007-04-27 to exhibit product electron yuan facilities of package, production postpones meeting brief introduction

Exhibit meeting name: Electron of Brazilian South America yuan facilities of package, production and fair of photoelectricity technology trade


Time: Came 27 days on April 23, 2007, 13: 00 ~ 21: 00 (two years)

Place: Brazilian emperor Paul is installed year than exhibiting a center (ANHEMBI PARK EXHIBITION HALL)

Sponsor an unit: Alcantara Machado Feiras De Negócios Ltda.

[ginseng exhibit a product]

Component of sensor and small system, electron and coupling implement, passive component and support system, electron produces a project (semiconductor, PCB, electron yuan test of parts of an apparatus, component, EDA measures a technology) , technology of service of electronic production support system, laser and system, optics is measured, optics is born; The low-pressure electric equipment such as switch, electrical outlet, relay; Equipment of seeing and hearing, broadcasting television equipment and product of form a complete set; The transmission equipment such as communication wire cable and cable; Telescope and equipment; Personal computer, multimedia, peripheral and fittings, software.

Place / Paul of emperor of the Brazil that exhibit a house is installed year exhibit than exhibiting a center dimensions 0m2 of Xu Min of contact of network address Http://www.qrexpo.com contacts phone 0574-87197698 to fax Xm@qrexpo.com of address of mailing of 0574-87296698

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