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The person enrages flourishing

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Wide hand in can kick off first days, attend a meeting purchase business to innovate again tall, attended a meeting that day purchase business 39461 people, accumulative total is current amount to 47656 people, grow 16.55 % than previous term or session. Guangzhou trades “ of entrance of group head day, exit double open business ”—— exports a part: First days clinch a deal seventy-six million eight hundred and one thousand dollar, relatively previous term or session grows 9 % ; Import share: The lives in adornment entrance contract of below one company autograph 2.705 million dollar of Guangzhou, become Guangzhou to trade the group imports order for goods first times.

The entrance exhibits area person to enrage the cue since flourishing platoon to be entered group by group

Current wide hand in meeting Guangzhou to trade the group organized nearly 200 units to exhibit an area to purchase business to enter the arena as the entrance in all purchase. Open a shop first days, industrial limited company signs source of abundant of Guangzhou city peaceful namely the entrance contract of the household adornment of 2.705 million dollar, become Guangzhou to trade the group imports order for goods first times. This company purchases delegate introduction, foreign enterprise is taking a product to come to him door mouth directly, collaboration is more convenient, information is communicated directer.

The entrance yesterday exhibits wave of person of area it may be said to move, not only China purchases business, purchase even a few foreign countries business to also look, plus each reporter, a few exhibit be squeezed watertightly. In the morning 10 when much, pa continent exhibits house doorway to had been discharged removed cue, guard personnel pulled cordon in subway exit, put a person to enter group by group inside.

Miss Xu Xin that already settled in South-American Xiaoguo Surinam is to purchase Chinese goods originally, but she walked into a house the entrance exhibits an area, miss Xu says: “ China goods is very competitive still on the price, we are returned in foreign set up shop can gain money. But it is what kind of that I also want to see the entrance that holds first exhibit an area after all, if can, also think of to bring South-American goods next time China. ”

Exhibit business general survey

Hong Kong group is joined first exhibit wide hand in meeting

With electron, horological wait for product of Hong Kong brand to give priority to

Report from our correspondent (Zhang Xiaohua of reporter Huang Rongfang's reporter) yesterday, guangdong saves federation of industry and commerce (total chamber of commerce) , consortium of foreign trader of chamber of commerce of enterprise of battalion of bureau of development of Hong Kong trade, Guangdong civilian, Guangdong, hold cocktail party jointly in center of conference of international of Guangzhou garden cafe, celebrate Fair of import and export merchandise of the 101st China to kick off and Hong Kong exhibits a group to be joined first exhibit. The province leads Tong Xing, Ke Xiaogang, old pal Guo Rongchang, Zheng Qun, hongKong and Macow knows a personage Huo Zhenhuan, Xu Shiyuan, and nearly 700 much people attended global honored guest bender.
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