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Dongguan city inferior the elephant packs trade limited company, specialize in Chinese ink of ability in swimming of environmental protection sex, suit sunken imprint / soft imprint; Environmental protection is this century most the topic of attention getting a person, presswork especially industry, in a few years of in the past, what use is poisonous sex printing ink, cause very great harm to the worker's body, what at the same time we place everyday all plastic pack almost 99% it is to use poisonous sex printing ink to presswork come out, a such amazing phenomenon cans be imagined can cause what kind of effect to offspring, the whole world acted now, for next our generation, for our earth, the manufacturer of water Chinese ink with our company and top-ranking international cooperates, major manages pair of human body safety factor the Chinese ink of water of environmental protection sex of 100% .

Category of invite applications for a job: Full-time
Working area: Guangdong
Sexual distinction: All but
The age: Do not be restricted
Requirement of record of formal schooling: Do not be restricted
Professional requirement: Do not be restricted
Working experience: A year of above
Number: A certain number of
Pay pay: 2000

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