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Beautiful freezer career ministry invite applications for a job of 7 years of ca

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Beautiful freezer career ministry invite applications for a job of 7 years of campus (Xi'an stands) one, the freezer career position of beauty of   of company brief introduction is met at the Anhui province Hefei, below the group division that is the United States one with the research and development, home appliance business that make and sells freezer and relevant and refrigerant product, it is the freezer production base that China provides dimensions most and one of exit base. Beautiful freezer career ministry is in Guangzhou of Anhui Hefei, Guangdong to have 3 production base at present, main product has of all kinds freezer, cold ark, wine ark to wait, produce per year integratedly can achieve 4 million. Thing of flourish of the ” that manages “ beauty at the same time, “ amounts to ” of Hua Ling of ” , “ 3 well-known trademarks, sale network and after service network spread all over countrywide each district, the product sells the whole world 100 many countries and area. 2006, produce and sale of beautiful implementation of freezer career ministry is of all kinds freezer product 3.5 million, sales revenue breaks through 3.5 billion yuan. Face future, beautiful freezer career ministry will hold to beautiful group “ the spirit of enterprise of ” of open, harmonious, deal with concrete matters relating to work, innovation, hold to “ seed profit to manage, the management concept of ” of efficient management, steady progress does not shake, take get right on the job through ceaseless innovation and essence, make the use that it is battalion hard outstanding the preeminent company that precedes with the product. The near future target of beautiful freezer career ministry is to use3 arrive 5 yearsTime realizes freezer industryBefore two strong, year sales revenue breakthrough10 billionYuan. 2, demand of graduate of ministry of career of 7 years of freezer: 2007年美的冰箱事业部毕业生需求计划汇总表 序号 专业类别 专业 需求人数 最低学历要求 最低英语水平 备 注 1 管理类 工业工程 2 本科 425分 2 营销贸易类 市场营销 (专业不限) 20 本科 425分 西班牙语 1 本科 425分 口语流利 3 动力制冷类 制冷相关专业 10 本科 425分 4 机械机电类 机械设计及制造 12 本科 425分 机电一体化 6 本科 425分 5 自动化、电子类 软件工程 1 本科 425分 6 其他 广告 2 本科 425分 总计 54 美的冰箱事业部校园专场招聘会流程 宣 讲 院 校 学 校 时 间 地 点 西北工业大学 2007年3月19日上午10: Friendship of city of Xi'an of 00 on the west road D of building of aviation of university of 127 northwest industry university of traffic of report hall Xi'an on March 19, 2007 afternoon 14: Information of first floor of center of obtain employment of university of 28 Xi'an traffic releases salty Ning Xilu of city of Xi'an of 00 hall one, flow of whole invite applications for a job will finish inside 4 days: Download ahead of schedule fill in application form attends explain to public can submit application form (the first day) written examination / without leader panel discussion (the following day) interview (the 3rd day) autograph agreement (the 4th day) 2, written examination will press technology, finance affairs kind undertake respectively; Without leader panel discussion will according to sale, management kind classification undertakes. 3, link of every invite applications for a job will undertake filtration, only partial applicant can be entered below one round. Concrete step: The first pace: Fill in " beautiful freezer career ministry application form of position of 2007 campus invite applications for a job " 1, land website of campus obtain employment to download application form ahead of schedule please, application form in all two pages, be sure to positive and negative is printed go up in a piece of paper, can copy but must keep clear; 2, ask you to be sure to affix you in compasses emplacement a inch of chromophotograph; 3, “ applies for position ” to will regard final arrangement as you the job and undertake relevant one of groomed basises, ask you to be sure to fill in cautiously; 4, the answer to allegation sex problem, we hope you can provide more specific and detailed answer and example, pay attention to the specification of individual part and behavior. The 2nd pace: Attend campus to explain to public to meet and present note of position application form: Position application form is unified explain to public in campus after meeting end according to application position category (the first choice) hand over personally by oneself; The 3rd pace: Without leader panel discussion: 1, written examination, without list of time of leader panel discussion, place, personnel, tell Yu Xuan meeting end to inform you with the means of short message means or phone that evening, ask you to maintain a mobile phone 24 hours to switch on the mobile phone normally, intrusive place, forgive please; 2, the time that asks you to pay close attention to your place team closely not to reach an arrangement paragraph. The 4th pace: Interview 1, the website of group campus invite applications for a job that list of interview time, place, personnel will release in time at the United States, at the same time we will inform you with short message means, ask you to maintain a mobile phone 24 hours to switch on the mobile phone normally, intrusive place, forgive please; 2, the staff that joins interview the first round please has carried the following article to attend interview the first round: ① individual is detailed resume; ② school report (lid school official seal) Xerox; Photocopy of certificate of certificate of ③ English grade, computer order and degree; The other data that the person that ④ enough shows to apply for a job behaves during school (contain publish, work of report of the paper that did not publish, exercitation, painting and calligraphy) Xerox; Remarks: The person that ask office material of ④ of ③ of above ① ② according to undertake unity orderly early or late bound, divide ④ outside, we think to lack any one all is unqualified hand over; 3, ask you to be sure to shift to an earlier date 15 minutes to have examination room, carry original of school report, relevant certificate, resume please. The 5th pace: Extend employ advice note, sign tripartite agreement 1, employ personnel list will be released in time at explaining to public to be able to be in school website, at the same time we can inform you with phone means, ask you to pay close attention to closely; 2, carry please " agreement of obtain employment of graduate of countrywide common colleges and universities " (already built official seal) , school obtain employment recommends watch original to reach Id photocopy, shift to an earlier date 15 minutes to arrive at conventional autograph to arrange a place. Contact: Liang Huadong email: Lianghd@midea.com.cn connects a telephone call: 0551-2213091 contacts an address: Highway of samite of development of Hefei economy technology 176; Postcode of beautiful ministry of resource of manpower of freezer career ministry: 230601
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