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The company is located in Guangdong to save garden of industry of river of dark blue of Fosan city brillant district on the west field center of industry of United States China, beautiful environment of here hill green water is beautiful, cover an area of many mus 1000. The company registers fund 2.25 million dollar, fixed assets ¥ many yuan 6000, workshop area 40000 much ㎡, employee 400 much people, it is a Hongkong's trader solely invested enterprise.
The company introduces the advanced equipment of Germany, Korea, Taiwan and technology, be engaged in producing material of bad news of gush of tall smooth printing paper, colour, and paper of advanced and of all kinds and gooey goods, artistic Ji and album, with each country advanced a person of same business is having extensive and good collaboration concern, inside China each district of world of land down to built giant distribute network, product and service get the extensive reliance of global client.
The film of treasure ” Boeing of Home “ that company patent registers gets applied extensively in respect of furniture, advertisement, decorate, welcome by broad user.
Film of cold back up of ” of “ Xiang Zhibao and Gao Guangxiang paper get building of each size shadow and advertisement media are used extensively, make the material with this indispensable industry.
Paper of “C & E” Ji enjoys high-grade and high grade beauty in frame course of study praise.
Paper of gush of high smooth waterproof variety is product of a high-tech, rush in the number imprint, print the lead position with design a domain to have significant with advertisement.
Above product is popular world each district, in the whole nation big in small town all has distribute. The detail examines network address Http://www.meanwellbo.com please.

Take car course:
—— of place setting out is brillant car terminal —— turns by the course (Bai Shi) bus —— is in center of industry of white Shi Meihua to get off arrive namely (namely beautiful Hua Baogong manages) connection address: Garden of industry of river of dark blue of Fosan city brillant district on the west field zip code of center of industry of United States China: Contact of 528521: Flourish gentleman connects a telephone call: Fax: The email: Mwb1989@126.com company homepage: Www.meanwellbo.com perhaps number of invite applications for a job of buyer of Www.greenlane-paper.com 2 people

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