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Ning Bo tastes production limited company into road paper

Ning Bo tastes production limited company to held water 2001 into road paper bottom, it is development of a market, production, sale the extroversion that is an organic whole paper tastes an enterprise, basically produce bag of bag of jotter, album, organ, gift,
The box that pack reachs the paper model goods such as stationery suit. The company invests amount 3 million dollar, register capital 2.4 million dollar, the client that has stability group, the product basically sells and other places of past United States, Europe, Japan.
The company is located in Zhejiang to visit area of logical sequence of north of peaceful wave city, cover an area of a face to accumulate 30 mus, floor area 28800 square metre. Existing employee many 1000, presswork from institute of aviation of college of finance of Tsinghua university, central finance, Beijing, Beijing among them institute, medium south 50% what the administrator of the graduate student that the school such as industrial university graduates, senior engineer and record of formal schooling of specialized subject above takes administrative layer. Have the fixed assets such as manufacturer room and equipment at present 6000 much, have Haidebao 4 color, double lubricious offset press are much stage, machine of paper of machine of box of automatic impress machine, automatic bronzing machine, automatic paste, automatic back up full automatic equipment counts a station, have professional product line additionally three. The company passes 4 years of much operation, already achieved at present annual of 200 million RMBs accept the order and productivity.
Measure to ensure the product is simple, promotion manages a technology, company basis ISO9001:2000 quality run standard requirement, built complete and rigid quality management system. Our management department is seasoned, dare to innovate. On the foundation that holds to strict quality hierarchy of control, we devote oneself to to develop a structure all the time novel, be saleable the product of satisfy the need. At present main product exceeds 6 categories, annul toward Euramerican wait for many countries and area, company year exit forehead with year the speed high speed that increases 80 % develops, come to already amounted to 15 million U.S. dollor 2005.
The paper that become a way tastes China of base oneself upon, scan widely world, the administration that suits business development for education and technology kind high-end talent, invite all directions talent to join in cordially.

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