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The company is located in garden of industry of science and technology of Xi Qiao of Fosan city Nanhai, cover an area of an area 70000 with all possible means, it is collect spinning, catch those who make the garment be an organic whole is whole, weaving, large civilian battalion enterprise, because company development invites sincerely of all kinds and outstanding talent,join in now. Contact an address: Garden of industry of Fosan city Xi Qiao science and technology 13 zip code: Contact of 528000: Miss Ou connects a telephone call: 0757-86808001.86867711 fax: Email of 0757-86816505: Hr@vitaindigo.com company homepage: Www.vitaindigo.com purchases invite applications for a job following sheet number 1 person
Professional requirement: The computer kind age requirement: Above is 30 22 years old years old below
Requirement of record of formal schooling: Census register of high school above asks: Do not be restricted
Foreign language requirement: Do not be restricted at present dwelling place: Do not be restricted language of another name for Guangdong Province: Do not be restricted to work area: Fosan   sexual distinction asks: Do not be restricted to work property: Full-time marital status: Do not be restricted salary standard: The face discusses issue date: 2007-04-12 period of validity: Contact of 2007-05-18: Miss Ou connects a telephone call: 0757-86867711 mailbox: Hr@vitaindigo.com

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