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Group of everybody happy trade, one is full of the modern industry group of responsibility and mission, opportunity of survival and vigor, struggle ceaselessly, ceaseless enterprising, the indefatigable pursuit that relies on dribs and drabs in retail domain realizes the client's dream hard, grow quickly in the spring tide of market economy, optimize continuously.
In April 1996, in Shenzhen this is full of go all out in work, do poineering work, on speed and magical land, everybody is happy hold water sadly. Today, everybody is happy from do not have have, from arrive infirmly strong, rise abruptly quickly to go up in the domain of big China, year sale keeps average from beginning to end the high increase rate of 78% , in successive years is judged to be countrywide commerce excellent service is advanced enterprise of unit, sincere letter, guangdong saves sincere letter unit, abide by contract keep good faith enterprise, shenzhen city is industrial and commercial 100 strong companies and trade are advanced unit, lawful the famous brand market that card business, consumer likes guaranty of reputation of pay taxes large family, quality. Crossed Guangdong to save front row of company of large chain business 2000, jumped country of be placed in the middle to interlink 2001 100 strong the 18th, course of study of the state-owend enterprise in entering 500 strong, china serves industry 500 strong ranks 133.
Everybody is happy the investment that devotes oneself to large chain shopping square and development, collect shops, food, recreation, service, recreational, culture at an organic whole, contented client “ is one-stop ” consumption. The administrative system with advanced management pattern, modernization, top-ranking management group and overflow serve admirably, deliver through having dependent market pressure, hold and create commerce to expand new opportunity.
It is in order to promote ethical trade oneself, it is a target with strict, standard, efficient management, with the intensive cultivation, battalion that pays attention to bagatelle, good service carry is a method, quick response, adjust quickly, everybody is happy in with tycoon of retail trade of several extraction bound extremely grow in the intense competition of close quarters with development. Be in long-term in competing with foreign capital shopkeeper, everybody Le Gan makes tough fight, dauntless without dread, study and competition pay equal attention to, competitive level rises ceaselessly, management is ceaseless and normative, employee whole quality promotes ceaselessly. The competition of high level of all previous classics, everybody is happy be known as passed the exam that joins WTO ahead of schedule.
Compete through intense market, everybody is happy admit trade extensively the outstanding achievement of retail domain and experience, modest learn to domestic and international preeminent company, ground of do one's best develops his core technology and core competition ability, can last what realize an enterprise ceaselessly development. Bear the everybody of all sorts of pressure and challenge is happy, not only in the technology equipment, storefront is decorated, differ with enterprise of outstanding foreign capital on the vertical deepness of category of means of commodity display, sale, merchandise very few, and positive development and creation have in the respect such as the structural frame of strategy of information, settle accounts, sale, control of merchandise and service system, with the dominant position that makes out body to outstanding diligent pursuit and characteristic.
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