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The 4th China (Chengdu) international hotel facilities and things exposition

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Begin time: 2007-06-12
End time: 2007-06-14
Hold a place: Conference of new international of city of Chinese Chengdu century exhibits a center
Contact: Zhao Jiang
Connect a telephone call: 13600073934
Sponsor an unit: Sichuan saves Sichuan of tourism bureau / to save travel society
Undertake unit: Sichuan saves travel to serve head office

Support an unit: (the rank is not divided early or late)

" net of things of hotel of Hui Cong market conditions " Chengdu always articles for use of be good at hotel is limited liability company

" industry of hotel of Hui Cong market conditions purchases a directory " Guangzhou be good at establish hotel furniture limited company

" Chinese hotel purchases a directory " Chengdu fine with hotel equipment limited company

Limited company of things of Bai Yunqing clean of Guangzhou of terminal market of things of hotel of international of the day austral Guangzhou

Galley equipment makes Fosan culmination name Si Dan of limited company Ao Di (Chengdu) kitchen engineering limited company

Chengdu of production limited company of Shenzhen China kitchen utensils and appliances power bully commerce expands limited company

Tang Shan of limited company of things of hotel of Zhongshan city new century and letter bone porcelain limited company

Firms of 100 things of Li Weiqing clean

Lin Jiang of Hong Kong of limited company of Beijing Xin Li galley equipment remembers limited company of hardware silver products

Limited company of things of cooking utensils of spaceflight of Chengdu of limited company of Chongqing China ceramics

Facilities of hotel of Xing Jiahua of Chengdu of Inc. of electric equipment of Sichuan long rainbow is finite liability company

Stride family business to use dishwasher (Zhongshan) city of limited company Guangzhou galley equipment limited company

In welcoming to attend, western the biggest, person enrages dimensions most the hotel brand with flourishing, most product is exhibited greatly!


Save the development of industry of things of travel career, hotel to promote Sichuan, raise the development level of things of Sichuan travel restaurant, enhance the market competition ability of Sichuan travel commodity, by China bureau of tourism of travel restaurant association, Sichuan, Sichuan saves travel society to sponsor, branch of commodity of travel of society of Sichuan province travel, Chengdu is promoted exhibit an exhibition to engineer limited company, Shanghai to promote the “ that exhibits an exhibition to engineer Bo Hua of limited company, Guangzhou to exhibit service limited company to undertake the 4th China (Chengdu) international hotel facilities and things exposition ” on 20076 months 12---15 in city of Chinese Chengdu century center of exhibition of new international conference is held ceremoniously.
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