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[Supply] freezer of guest room of Shenzhen FREECOOL hotel, semiconductor hotel f

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Limited company of science and technology of guest of luck of Shenzhen city blessing (domestic ministry) (Shenzhen Freecool Science And Technology Co. , ltd)
Cao Shuifei (Mr Mr.Cao)() manager

Define: Heir is strong commentate  Xing Huizhong Luan dash forward numerous 5 seek  to wash rice the  that prick Wa considers special semi-conductor type refrigerator of guest room of hotel of REECOOL of  of Huan of  of praise of credit of  of wholesale  buttock to be in right now emerge as the times require, its characteristic is: Use advanced semiconductor frigorific technology, those who use special design is frigorific medicinal powder hot system makes, have refrigeration effect beautiful, service life long, automatic lukewarm accuse, green environmental protection, without freon, 0 pollution; Energy-saving province report, day power consumption is controlled 0.5 degrees; Do not be afraid of shake, stable and reliable; And space of the refrigeration when same appearance bulk is large; Principle of refrigeration of semi-conductor type refrigerator is simple at the same time, maintenance is convenient. The noise that solved hotel freezer thoroughly, pollution, bad news can, the problem such as maintenance, the rest that creates a quiet, environmental protection to the user environment, get of operator of domestic and international hotel and consumer love.
Appearance of this kind of freezer is cabinet, cubage has arrive from 15L a variety of 50L norms, in ark of guest room of OK and built-in hotel, with the design of whole room layout be in harmony is an organic whole. A variety of color can offer an alternative. It can store not only the article such as cold drink, fruit, rare medicines and chemical reagents, cigarette, film, dry cell is deposited inside freezer, can prolong its storage life and can lengthen what service life …… uses a field as FREECOOL semi-conductor type refrigerator to extend, return more of will contented client, wider demand.
Cubage: 35L
Rated voltage: Communicate 220 bend over or 110 bend over
Rated power: 80W
Cold storage temperature: 2 ℃ - 110
Product measure (wide X tall X is deep) : 500x420x500mm
Suttle: 14 Kgs gross weight: 16.5 Kgs
———— comes from at FREECOOL

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