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[Supply] cupreous aluminous welding wire

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Limited company of data of industry of Guangzhou cloud grand
Miss Zhou (lady)

Define: Thirsty of  bridge lever inspects Mei Yu  award of tan of Zhuang of ⒉ of plinth of  of Ru of ⑽ of dysentery of ゼ of  of Gua of knock of lever of  of blessing of ズ of Pi of Zhe of act of Lai of hydrazine forest  is contrary to  ぷ Chi is shown truly paragraph  ?20-480 spends the left and right sides. House of price of current international copper does not fall high, cupreous aluminous welding wire makes aluminium replaces copper to become a possibility completely, apply successfully already at the numerous industry such as domestic refrigeration, air conditioning, transformer at present.

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