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Hear " box " knowledge is master

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Say Wen Xiang knows a woman, but I say to hear “ box ” to know host. Different exterior, different design, the freezer of distinct size, often representing different life style.

If say, car of formal attire, foreign room, a person of extraordinary powers, these parting corresponding people garment, live, the element of travel, made a successful public figure's directest definition, so, should understand him most this true life condition, only by these idea apparent and insufficient. And “ eats ” , it is people most the nature of this true life is revealed, the life that can reflect a person most 100 condition.

Present city elite people, mix at the job everyday dinner party, had a meal to grow routine business already. Accordingly, with friend or it is family in the dinner in the home, also become its to cherish most, individual character, natural and sweet hour. What to eat through him, what to eat? The unripe active state that often can understand thoroughly him is spent and savour. And as deposit these alimental freezer, make the optimal way that knows host quickly naturally. Different exterior, different design, the freezer of distinct size, often representing different life style. Going up somehow, can say even, freezer defined the life of people to savour. Accordingly, also had those who hear “ box ” to know host to say.

The freezer of series of emperor of Hai Erka Sa that leads freezer newfangled trend with the stainless steel, high capacity, much door, design with drawer type, in bring while Ouyameisheng is vivid, make us OK and relaxed understand master distinct personality likewise.

Beautiful style is costly and straightforward free

Freedom leads a gender, work follow one's inclinationsly style; Free land enjoys the cate with diversification, rich nutrition, the vivid portraiture that beautiful type of it may be said lives. Beautiful type of emperor of Hai Erka Sa becomes lukewarm to run from opposite directions door freezer, it is this top-ranking travel beauty the concentration that type lives freely nobly is reflected.

The beautiful pattern of emperor blocking Sa that fits entrance ” formerly from “ of factory of sea Er United States runs from opposite directions door freezer, design concept comes from beautiful Europe just about, it is the child of broad living condition and cate culture union. Its most unique part is its change adjustably conservatory design. It can realize temperature to alternate according to the life demand of consumer, cooperate its many litres of 600 wide bulk and space, deduce a kind of brand-new, follow one's inclinations lifestyle in the round. When you are buying cate, because breed is too much,scruple again, deal and volume are larger, the difficult problem that freezer cannot answer leisurely. Still can enjoy refrigerant, cold storage at the same time, become lukewarm, a variety of life combination such as fruit food room.
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