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Zhou Xiaotian: Before hoping dragon of sea letter division is emeritus final und

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Deep-felt mourn earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River to die brethren! [Special subject] [video]

—— visits the sea to believe vice president of Inc. of division dragon electric equipment week is small days

On April 17 9:30 a.m. , he believes Inc. of division dragon electric equipment with the sea first (dragon of division of letter of sea of the following abbreviation) the identity of vice-president attended the fair of Chinese home appliance that holds in Shanghai (rich of home of the following abbreviation is met) opening ceremony; Afternoon, after seeing a rich simply meet, he is driven again go to the Zhejiang that is apart from Cheng of car of nearly two Shanghai hours fine promote, with Jiaxibeila compressor limited company negotiates freezer compressor purchases matters concerned; That evening, he hurrieds back again Shanghai home rich is met the smooth big public house on the side; The following day in the morning 8:30, he used breakfast time to undertake interview; 9:30, he is punctual the assembly room that appears in smooth big public house, accept " electric equipment " of the reporter interview.

This is in week is small days namely new an arrangement of 24 hours after taking office as the sea to believe division dragon vice president 17 days. And before this, in 13 years when be work of group of Xi Menzi of German rich world in him, he enjoys life ” with “ all the time celebrated inside the circle —— circumnavigation, rest on time New year holidays, do not work overtime on the weekend —— these ever were Zhou Xiaotian cannot broken life rule.

But, such life rule takes up the post of the sea to believed division dragon the first day of vice-president to be broken in him, he becomes unusually busy. Zhou Xiaotian says: “ joins in the sea believes division dragon to be able to realize my dream, I am willing to accept such challenge. ”

Zhou Xiaotian: Fall in love at first sight

In refrigeration especially freezer refrigeration bound, mention week is small days, almost all people know, he calls the technology of freezer refrigeration authority in the can inside global limits. He has celebrated working experience: May 1995, in Germany Si Lu blocking Er strategics point (Karlsruhe) the Zhou Xiaotian that university project and refrigeration institute teach and obtains engineering doctor's degree at the same time by Germany the ” in photograph of round “ of subclass of Bo Shixi door, zhou Xiaotian joins in group of Xi Menzi of German rich world; Arrived in September 2006, the job such as the design of freezer refrigeration system of whole world of group of Xi Menzi of world of days of week is small already responsible rich, innovation, standardization and cost control; March 2004, zhou Xiaotian becomes international Electrotechnical Committee (IEC) freezer and compressor cent appoint meeting (SC61C) compressor group (MT1) committee member; November 2006, zhou Xiaotian begins to hold the position of freezer of international electrician association and compressor cent appoint meeting secretary-general, the person of ” of “ wampee skin that is the can be counted on one's fingers that international holds the position of senior post in electrical engineering association.
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