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The summer comes, sale of air conditioning, freezer is unusually hot. The reporter understood in bazaar recently, high-end product expression is highlighted particularly, make market window.

Come from the information that joins company of fat water chestnut, this year between the small long holiday of 51, the city such as Beijing, Tianjin, Huhhot, Hefei, Nanjing, Wuhan, high-end freezer product is popular, a lot of market appeared to queue up make out an invoice, buy the phenomenon of machine, many region markets appear the state that demand exceeds supply, the sale is hot and unusual.

Regard the freezer that has history of 25 years of professional refrigeration as the enterprise, beautiful water chestnut all the time the social responsibility that revitalizes ethical freezer brand to serve as an enterprise. Rely on own research and development, beautiful water chestnut created those who suit Chinese family to use to run from opposite directions product of freezer of high end of series of much door Pallas, changed the consumptive intention of high-end consumer, turned round foreign capital brand to hold the structure of market of freezer of Chinese high end for a long time, led high-end freezer to consume new fashion, those who won customer praise. Beautiful water chestnut makes clear with banner technical actual strength, “ China makes ” had begun transition “ China to create ” .

Analysis of the personage inside course of study thinks, upgrade as what market of class of just a little consumes a structure, the demand mushroom of product of freezer high end. Beautiful water chestnut depends on the design concept that own innovation, China creates, strive for active, anticipate the enemy, spread out high-end freezer to compete to technical all fronts from the exterior, will promote what high-end freezer market competes to upgrade further.

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