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It is a large number of fresh fruits when appearing on the market, suffering bore a winter, those people that have a special liking to of all kinds fruit, can big fast a cheek. Carefree enjoy, might as well the relevant knowledge that understanding enters the water to last if really.

Although air temperature of countrywide each district is different, but the content of easy communication and understand of north and south sheds chain, make the fruit that different district near future appears on the market appears some very much the same. Pineapple, sugar cane and strawberry had begun to appear on the market in the round, and the Ying Jishui fruit such as apricot, green plum, cherry and mango, also begin to be on greatly small fruit vendor's stand swell appear foot. Buy some newest the fruit that appear on the market comes home, must notice a few keys are nodded.

Above all, fresh fruity deposit, very tall to the requirement of temperature, if can maintain constant temperature, to restraining bacterial enroach on, can have very auspicious place. With LG luxurious double open the door the intelligence of freezer changes conservatory is exemple, it can be aimed at the optimal temperature of different fruit and vegetable place need, will achieve lasted result to the greastest extent. For instance apple, the most appropriate is the temperature that 0 Celsius control, pomegranate is 3 ~ 5 Celsius. According to is different fruity is characteristic, the intelligence of LG freezer changes conservatory provided 3 level (- 3, - 1, 4) freedom becomes lukewarm, can let include fruit, pork kind (- 3° is optimal) the food that waits inside with fish is in admirable temperature condition, heat preservation lasts the effect is much better, ensure nutrition not prediction of a person's luck in a given year, fresh more abiding.

And, last for the fruit and maintain constant temperature, still need to notice freezer is in-house whether the refrigeration with even implementation. Because adopted the system sending wind of 360 degrees of stereo loops, LG is luxurious double open the door freezer carries the end that reach side on some alone cooling output design, super- fast, exceed even and cooling safe, bring up brand-new stereo and cooling system. Install an a place with a draught with left safe especially can sidewall sends wind, compensatory air conditioning, make the temperature inside casing more even, air current moves pervade each fine point, do not have blind angle completely, will last do more thoroughly. Below this kind of circumstance, the internal difference in temperature of LG freezer is 1.2 Celsius only, of its temperature constant the intensity that degree can reduce fruity respiration effectively completely, the process that makes its suck oxygen to metabolize becomes can accuse more.

Next, deposit fruity environment must have enough humidity, volatilize in order to prevent fruity moisture. Want to know, the water content of fresh fruit vegetables is 65% ~ about 96% , but pluck after coming down, be met the complement of evaporate, and usually, fruit vegetables dehydrates 5 % are mixed with respect to occurrence wilting shrinkage. LG is luxurious double open the door freezer has unique design technically to this, its are magic last the protuberant shape grille that the box can pass a lid to go up will achieve defend wet action, water divides two-way adjustment function, can avoid moisture to condense into dew, yi Ke is timely absorb and release hydrosphere, come true thereby more long last. And, cooperate to it still have last technically for fruit vegetables the light of green white LED that provides, pass pair of sun's rays imitate, help fruit vegetables undertakes photosynthesis below the condition of similar nature, produce the nutrient material such as chlorophyll and vitaminic C.
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