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Electric equipment of Hefei brilliant great serves as freezer new army, through be the United States, the big factory acting worker worker such as beautiful water chestnut and build brand “ oneself the form of two legs ” undertakes selling, in 3, demand of 4 class market increases and OEM machines what demand increases to be driven acquired lease of life, right 2008 grow confident.

Four-wheel drive makes core competition ability

Limited company of electric equipment of Hefei brilliant great is founded 2006, the scope of operations of the company basically is the production of freezer and sale, its establish ” of “ high quality, low cost, poor dissimilation, environmental protection 4 big keywords, regard the core of the enterprise as competition ability with this.

The first should assure product high quality. Brilliant great electric equipment holds to “ quality the first, it is with the person this, the customer satisfaction, quality guiding principle that improves ” continuously, inspect quality to be the life of the enterprise; The factory already pressed ISO9000: 2000 edition standard asks to build quality system, pass the attestation of center of certificate of quality of the Anhui province; In the meantime, factory denounce is gigantic endowment the crucial and advanced device that introduces and other places of Italy, Germany, the spray line of company of the epispastic machine that is like Italian CANNON company and GUILES of the machine suction model, side panel forming machine of OLMA company, Germany, assure product quality with the most advanced equipment; In addition, arrive to semi-manufactured goods from raw material finished product, brilliant great electric equipment implements rigidder than GB control standard. The new product of all development, quality must reach home's top professional production level.

The 2nd should let product low cost change. At present the competition of freezer more and more the competition that is centered in product value, the low cost of products plan changes the key that will become competition. While great electric equipment is designing brilliant to maintain the most high-powered collocation, achieved the products plan of optimization. Be like series of brand-new straight cold freezer, reach level of new GB class A, product quality can calls home top level, and the lowermost level that products plan cost reached an industry however.

The 3rd dissimilation that use difference, individuation designs contented client to need. Brilliant great electric equipment is basic principle with OEM collaboration. Everything asks to be with the client's technology accurate, everything is with target cost of the client accurate, everything is with the client's vicissitude of the market accurate. Every are new develop a product, should ensure above all the poor dissimilation between each brand, individuation, satisfy client requirement truly.
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