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Hefei creates a world the coldest freezer

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- 164 ℃ , hefei of the coldest freezer is made can the apple save hundred years

Washing machine does not add washing powder to also can wash clothings clean; The coldest freezer on the world can have been achieved - 164 ℃ , and it is first China that Hefei production …… kicked off yesterday (Anhui • Hefei) on exposition of international electric home appliances<gj, the home appliance product of high-tech content appears in succession.

Long-term since, course of study of case of our country deep Leng Bing is in blank phase, foreign brand is holding the market all the time regnant position, medical treatment of our country scientific research saves box to count an import for a long time. Rose 2002, beautiful water chestnut cries to foreign brand board, devote oneself to deep cold technology, come 5 years, already formed arrive from 4 ℃ - the product of 10 old series such as 164 ℃ , become at present the minority on international has series of completely lukewarm area to store one of companies of cold chain product.

Yesterday, water chestnut is in the beauty exhibits an area, the coldest freezer opens mysterious veil —— on the world that this company produces its appearance and common ice ark are indiscriminate, but compressor holds freezer half bulk almost, temperature can be achieved - 164 ℃ , this technology refresh Japan and American person of the same trade held record of 22 years. If “ puts the apple in this freezer to save, won't deteriorate 100 years. ” salesperson introduces, this freezer can be used at research of biology, medicine, medical treatment all sorts of biology in the domain such as clinical, agriculture, stock raising are active of material in save for a long time, and be in before long in the future, this one record also will be broken by him person of beautiful water chestnut, produce by beautiful water chestnut - the freezer of 180 ℃ is about to walk out of a lab to enter the market.

Wash clothes need not washing powder, electroanalysis the clean 凈 that water can restore clothings. A washing machine of sea Er changed old bearer people wash clothes idea. Hai Ertong passes pair of whole nations analysis of sampling of 42 cities water quality, lend water treatment of force whole world the expert, development gives a station need not the washing machine of ” of double motivation of “ environmental protection of washing powder, province water is made an appointment with 50% , still can avoid to remain, environmental protection healthy.

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