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Freezer of all alone Yi: 34 class market is not the heaven of the person that ma

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Before paragraph time, a point of view of phenomenon of Chinese home appliance that has acerb sex quite —— " 34 class market is market of the person that make a holiday " cause a trade great attention. Peak of Wangqiong of president of limited company of electric equipment of Yi of Shanghai all alone has completely different point of view to this.

Freezer of Yi of Shanghai all alone is dedicated at China the brand of freezer surveyor's pole of 34 class market, in China 34 class market year sale freezer exceeds 1 million. Freezer of all alone Yi also is current one of 5 old brands of Chinese freezer, because this king peak fining jade is right,current situation of home appliance of 34 class market and development have China very authoritative research qualification.

Wang Qiongfeng thinks China 34 class market calls “ the viewpoint that 34 class market is ” of market of the person that make a holiday special biased, this is a kind of not overall to knowledge of 34 class market point of view. Wang Qiongfeng thinks, 34 class market is not the heaven of the person that make a holiday, the market has a product, the product can have a brand. The big market of 34 class market already breed gives a lot of brands, already thorough popular feeling, have reception of consumer of 34 class market quite. We cannot have fake possibly to call this market because of 34 class market ” of market of the person that “ makes a holiday.

Of policy of go to the countryside of home appliance of the transmission of knowledge of return to one's native place of the resurgence of mouth of worker of Wu of the development as rural economics, city, undergraduate, government come on stage etc, far from of 34 class market is in our brains the backward appearance of solidify, 34 class market has technology and brand likewise, consumer pays attention to sexual price to compare He Weiquan likewise, the market that says 34 class market is the person that make a holiday is very one-sided, this kind of theory violated basic logic, say to be illogical at all.

Incline to of system of law of 34 class market is normative

Wang Qiongfeng thinks, if be 20 years ago, saying 34 class market is the market of the person that make a holiday, that still can cause the resonance of major person. But after 20 years today, chinese law has been perfected with each passing day, of China execute the law the branch is more and more normative also. We should like to ask: Below such market background, how can the person that make a holiday be on 34 class market of brazenly live? Moreover, the sale is fake commodity, general meeting faces liability of 3 kinds of law: Civil liability, administration responsibility and criminal responsibility, sell the property of goods according to place, the likelihood offends " criminal law " the 140th production, sale is false and inferior product blame, highest the penalty that faces 15 years of set term of imprisonments or life imprisonment, and sale amount 2 times the following amerce or confiscate property; The 214th commodity blame that sells sham registered trade mark, highest face 7 years of set term of imprisonments.
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