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Fly newly 3 cubic freezer become green life element gradually

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Market research data shows, promote ceaselessly as market of freezer industry whole, consumptive structure upgrades ceaselessly, in recent years, the consumptive idea of nutrient health more and more suffer take seriously, a lot of freezer manufacturer hit “ to last in succession card of ” , “ antiseptic ” . Have last, the freezer of antiseptic function more and more get the favour of consumer, sale increases apparently.

As we have learned, fly newly collect of freezer of king of crystal double coronal lasts, antiseptic, energy-saving at an organic whole, become true green 3 cubic freezer, rolled out the attention that industry and customer get with respect to equipment after the market 2007, the actual strength that innovates with science and technology again, explained “ to fly newly the brand concept that lets consumer free enjoy green life ” .

It is reported, fly newly freezer of king of crystal double coronal is the initiate of a home, antiseptic high humidity that wins 14 countries patent lasts freezer. According to flying newly Dr. Xiao Jianjun introduces center of workstation of postdoctoral scientific research: “ this freezer lasts technically to solve alimental namely difficult problem and of the design, increased high humidity to last than common freezer, antiseptic last two new technologies, from proceed with of face of tripartite of temperature, humidity, microbial control, achieve the remarkable result that lasts integratedly, realized domestic freezer to last major breakthrough of the technology. ”

The academic basis of food science makes clear, the best humidity that food lasts is 90% above. The humidity of straight now cold freezer is 30%—70% , cannot satisfy the requirement that food lasts far. You Xinfei original creation obtains the “ water of 7 countries patent to breathe ” to raise little science and technology, through some special adding wet technology realizes the air inside safe to be changed to the high humidity of 90% above by low humidity, compensatory water divides hour, carry provision new position.

The expert points out, will tell from water content, the water content discretion of food can affect the gust of food and expiration period. For instance, leaf kind vegetable is contained a large number of moisture, chlorophyll, vitamin and mineral, nutrient value is higher. But, because their water content is high, fall in normal temperature so, be in especially burning hot summer, easy command floods when keep in storage cent, dehydrate when vegetable wilting and shrinkage can appear when 5 % , degenerative even. And biscuit and biscuit kind food dehydrates harden, can affect mouthfeel not only, amylaceous structure also can produce change.

This freezer is used fly newly the antiseptic technology of stereo and dynamic 361° that original creation has 7 countries patent, integrated ultraviolet ray antiseptic, ozone antiseptic, titanium is smooth anion is antiseptic, antiseptic wait for multinomial and antiseptic science and technology, special still the action that carries dynamic and antiseptic ion, kill the bacterium of the air in freezer and food surface effectively.
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