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Height does not cross a meter many, can put a few mess tin only safe is cabinet, the trace of years is in originally the rubiginous slash —— that horny part stays a few to fall off beside the machine of pure thick whiteness is this the stage produces the Germany from 1963 to build rich world refrigerator, the security of land mother-in-law home that still visits Shan head town in Guangdong up to now is being used.

45 years ago, the land mother-in-law that becomes a doctor in hospital of people of Shan head city gets ——— of a gift produces the sheet of straight cold formula from German Bavaria to open the door rich world freezer. This is going up century the important matter that the China of 60 time is a resounding neighborhood. Because China returns production at that time,do not give the electric home appliances

After 45 years, this old freezer is used by group of home appliance of Xi Menzi of German rich world newest 2008 a 6 departments 3 freezer are changed. Gaierke of president of its China division says, this is the artwork of a rare, the course is decorated simply, rich world tastes his the auction as Tibet, earning continues to be used at the research and development of new technology. And its collect value to accuse lukewarm precision to still maintain with respect to what depend on this freezer fall to need to be less than 50 minutes only to 5 Celsius from 25 Celsius in safe, drop in temperature under what at present common and mechanical freezer arrives 100 minutes 200 minutes greatly time.

This looks so that see namely, the German refrigeration technology that feeling.

For quite a long time, “ Germany production ” is in Europe and even whole world are a famous brand. Dark of machine tool of accept of electric, Si Bin, the base of a fruit overcomes BMW car, Shi Naide captive uncle elevator, Lai blocks camera, still have rich world and …… of Xi Menzi electric home appliances<gj of course almost the of all kinds brand of include manufacturing industry lets people familiar to the ear can detailed. Had bought the Chinese of German product generally, even if be agent of bind of a pair of a ball-pen, tape measure, one canal merely, metropolis unfeignedly plaints what “ Germany makes ” technology is excellent.

This year the first phase United States of the beginning of the year " news weekly " publish an article to say, 2003, germany has exceeded the United States to become the world's oldest machine to export a nation. 2006, german company exported value to abroad the product of 1.1 trillion dollar, exporter of United States of of the same age tastes total value to be 1.04 trillion dollar. Since 1995, 1/3 what face the exit of the developing country to occupy Germany to export growth.
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