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New technology of 8 years of freezer

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■ energy-saving freezer used energy-saving refrigerator advanced freezer compressor, refrigerating capacity, can effect realized optimization than waiting for technical parameter, the heat preservation function of freezer increases, the coefficient of thermal conductivity of whole freezer casing because this with respect to excel general freezer.

■ computer freezer word of the 3rd algebra is lukewarm accuse freezer to be based on computer artificial intelligence, with exact number lukewarm accuse to be a delegate. Visible digital temperature can be used to show outside casing, undertake be controllinged accurately to the temperature inside casing. Although frequent open freezer, also can pass computer system control, change the working frequency of compressor, make temperature is secured in set numerical value, achieve the result that omits report at the same time.

■ the freezer that do not have fluorine speaks of “ not to have fluorine ” freezer, people often thinks this kind of freezer does not use fluorine, because have fluorine freezer,be use Freon 11 with freon the 12 freezer that will become foaming agent and refrigeration agent. But the expert of foundation of Chinese protection consumer points out, react can see in type from chemistry, destroy the prime criminal of ozonosphere, it is “ chloric ” and be not “ fluorine ” .

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