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Much door suffers gradually bestow favor on

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As domestic consumption level upgrade ceaselessly, what consumer consumes a concept is mature with each passing day, white report board piece competitive all the more is intense, each wholesale market competition with big original firm changes fractionize to the fight hand-in-hand of the market. From freezer market current situation looks, the joint-stock brand such as Xi Menzi, SamSung gradually to in low end is permeated, the intent divides a cup of a thick soup in the market with native land adherence brand, and native land brand also is tasting the many azimuth such as research and development and design innovation to hit out in the round anew, market of product of push forward high end.

The manufacturer is contended for strange bottle colourful

Rat year beginning, sea Er releases his in Shanghai freezer of series of emperor of Sa of card of tall terminal brand is tasted newly, brought Euramerican inferior newfangled element, freezer of beautiful water chestnut criterion a head rolls out more than 100 freezer in Hangzhou (ark) taste newly. And moved first in April this year on the exposition of Chinese home appliance of division Shanghai, no matter be joint-stock brand or native land brand,take out the product that represents newest design trend in succession.

Of each big freezer brand contend for strange bottle colourful the attention heat that invites customer also is to warm up ceaselessly. The data that comes from Internet to consume survey center shows: Freezer market once reached a climax in the attention heat before the Spring Festival, but the effect that suffers the Spring Festival to grow a holiday, spend in the attention Feburary drop considerably, but the issuance that tastes newly as mainstream brand refrigerator, the attention of freezer market was spent in March climb successively litre. Specific and character, the attention of freezer market was spent March relatively increased 75.7 percent Feburary. Continued to promote 19.9 percent again April. April, the attention index of freezer market is achieved 138, 502 are nodded, had exceeded the attention level before the Spring Festival, accompany consumption to be mixed enthusiasticly subsequently and the sorching summer that come, fiery product big fight returns will ceaseless refresh this index.

” of “ much door suffers gradually bestow favor on

Center of Internet consumption survey is right the attention circumstance investigation of 204 products of 14 manufacturer shows freezer market: Sea Er freezer with the attention portion of 46.8% , hold market close half of country, be far ahead at other trademark; High capacity freezer is spent with the attention of 55.1% make product of market main trend; Traditional double open the door freezer continues to hold mainstream position with the attention portion of 70.0% , and much door freezer gets gradually with the portion of 20.8% the favour of high-end consumer. Joint-stock brand refrigerator cannot gain an advantage on sales volume, but hold to high-end product line, the high profit that tastes by right of sheet achieves the goal of gain.
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