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● lasts the technology becomes competition heat

Enter 2008, we discover, last function remains each main freezer company eagerly the heat of angle. Different food needs last the condition is different, raise freezer last function is not only certainly on temperature make an issue of. Consumer rises to what food quality asks, it is mature that the ceaseless progress of freezer technology is mixed, apparent aggrandizement consumer lasts to freezer the expectation of function.

The author sells an understanding to arrive from home appliance, achieved 90 % in order to last almost to sell the freezer of the dot the brand, all sorts of lasting the concept is to emerge in endlessly more, and “ how as soon as possible refrigerant? How as soon as possible defrost, make in defrost process nutrition not prediction of a person's luck in a given year? Solve these problems well, also be the important facet that freezer lasts. ” 100 power electric equipment controller tells the author, the zero that rolls out at present lasts functional freezer, solved this one problem well, food and flesh kind put inside 3 days two, take need not defrost, make nutrition not prediction of a person's luck in a given year, lengthened vegetable and fruity cold storage to last greatly period.

Recommend: The sea believes “ of sound of freezer of frequency conversion of vector of two lens face, look 7 colour light adds up to freezer of the ” that raise delicacy, emphasize passing all-around adjust accurately the index such as temperature, illumination, moisture, emphasize “ raising bright ” .

Antiseptic new standard publishs ● cause attention

The standard of antiseptic ” of “ of first freezer of our country that issued a few days ago, freezer by antiseptic effect cent is “ABC” 3 grade. Among them, those who reach order and degree of A, B for freezer of “ antiseptic ” , of C class fight bacterium ” freezer for “ . Of antiseptic standard roll out, caused consumer the intense attention of antiseptic to freezer healthy function.

The standard thinks, can internally bravery, put aside a freezer that waits for component surface to undertake bacterium, curb bacterium is handled fighting, call “ to fight bacterium freezer ” ; pair of deposit food surfaces and the bacterium in refrigerating indoor air undertake antiseptic ability calls “ antiseptic ” freezer.

Recommend: Xin Feibing box uses ultraviolet ray, ozone, smooth accelerant, anion to undertake antiseptic “ freezer of series of ” of double coronal king.

● energy-saving freezer becomes vane

Concerned expert thinks, because the core business of freezer industry is in recent years on the research and development of efficient and energy-saving product and market promotion,developed intense competition, produced a batch of energy-saving technologies that precede domestic and internationally and product, go up objectively promoted entire industry of energy-saving technology, energy-saving level upgrade step by step. Henceforth, energy-saving surveyor's pole should continue to become the vane of strategy of market of freezer company product.
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