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Refrigerator washing machine is comprehensive go up line

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Rolled out flat TV in January from this year, since rolling out air conditioning product in May, the Beijing that as home net of the biggest 3C buys platform east store, announced the network that starts freezer, washing machine formally purchases a service recently. From this, beijing east the store already tended in the light of the layout of big home appliance complete. Henceforth, consumer is when the big home appliance such as freezer of choose and buy, washing machine, also can absolve journey fatigued, those who enjoy a network to bring is relaxed and convenient.

Regard business affairs of a pure electron as the website, beijing east the store does not have a hypostatic inn, from this operation cost is reduced considerably, price advantage is highlighted. As we have learned, beijing east since the store rolled out air conditioning product May, what got customer is sufficient approbate, the traditional home appliance such as the United States sells the sale of individual model and country field is equal. And the mount a horse that ice washs a product, intense to competing home appliance sale market lifts new billows. We do not have “ a hypostatic inn, shed a system plus the content that optimizes ceaselessly, make our product photograph sells a petty gain than the tradition 20% the left and right sides, now year the big home appliance of mount a horse, also maintain every months in 300% growth rate ” of the left and right sides, beijing east store home appliance is collected sell chief inspector Zhu Kai to say.

As the arrival that decorates busy season, home appliance purchases busy season also subsequently and come, beijing east the ice that the store rolls out this washs a product, will absolve consumer to run sell the suffering of field greatly at each. Sell than traditional home appliance, beijing east the store is having a lot of advantage. When product of choose and buy, consumer need not bear “ self-dramatizing ” of the salesperson again, other the understanding product function that the evaluation that buys the home and result will let consumer is more objective. And include COD, bank to turn Zhang is mobile even the payment that POS comes to brush the diversity such as card, and home appliance manufacturer and Beijing east the safeguard of double after service of the store, let consumer be enjoyed never leave home and do not have trouble back at home shop new experience.

The personage inside course of study is analysed, the mount a horse of the big home appliance such as freezer, washing machine, had made Beijing east the store becomes traditional home appliance to sell not allow small inspected competitor. Low price, excellent service shops plus what never leave home means, more consumer will sell from the tradition gradually convert a network to shop, buy the master of a sailing vessel of platform as domestic 3C net, beijing east the new period that the store will enter high speed to develop.
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