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Assets of white cable of conformity of sea Er group

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A few days ago, announcement of Qingdao sea Er expresses, its plan to buy limited company of group of sea Er electric equipment (next share that call electric equipment of “ sea Er ”)20.1% . Current, qingdao sea Er is passed formally already buy sea Er electric equipment the plan of 20.1% , plan to pay to be finished to valence with own reserves and financing financing buy. Nevertheless, the consideration that buys plan to still need shareholder plenary meeting is passed. It is reported, hold of heart volition bank 392.7 million stocks, 20.1% what hold latter total share, it is the 2nd large stockholder of sea Er electric equipment. The personage inside course of study thinks Qingdao sea Er buys sea Er electric equipment afore-mentioned share may be Haierji what the group recombines is prelusive. Although sea Er denied contest to buy the subsidiary below banner of current electric equipment recently, but on both time such coincidence, still made a person produce a lot of associating () of business library forum. Article / reporter Zhang Yuanhui

Make Qingdao sea Er become white report admiral

Sea Er electric equipment and Qingdao sea Er are sea Er group (the enterprise below HaierGroup) banner. Sea Er electric equipment basically is in charge of washing machine and water heater business, and Qingdao sea Er is in charge of air conditioning and freezer business.

It is reported, this Qingdao sea Er buys the sea Er electric equipment in hand of heart volition bank the equity of 20.1% , if be finished smoothly first half of the year this year, the equity of 54.58% also will transfer group of Er of sea of second half of the year and the sea Er electric equipment that sea Er invests hold Qingdao sea Er. Such, all white cable assets in home put sea Er group into Qingdao sea Er.

Grow the reason of admiral as future to choosing Qingdao sea Er, land blade wave expresses vice-chairman of Chinese electron chamber of commerce, qingdao sea Er is to appear on the market company, and will look from company dimensions and capital respect, qingdao sea Er has an advantage more than sea Er electric equipment.

Raising growth rate is integrated the oldest end

Wave of Liu Ren of vice-chairman of Chinese electron chamber of commerce expressed to the reporter a few days ago, sea Er this large-scale in-house conformity is to be based on two big setting: It is these two years of Haierji round growth range is not big; 2 it is sea Er is not satisfied at current growth level. Undertaking in-house conformity is to win the growth rate that sea Er needs and proportion. Recombine through capital, the growth rate that will adjust group, attune to rectify a talent to increase a bloc thereby is sea Er the oldest end of this movement.

Aspire makes the whole world business of cable of the 4th everybody
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