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China approach freezer: Casting of 23 years of professional refrigeration with r

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Enter sale peak period, the competition of market of freezer of Hua Na area also tends turn white-hot. Each brand spreads out the contention of pair of 08 markets through a variety of sale shifts in succession. Regard Hua Na as the advantage brand of area, china approach freezer also is extending the market actively, strive to rely on its 23 years in 8 years the brand of professional refrigeration is accumulated, through the issuance that tastes newly and race to control of sales promotion activity more market share.

Taste sales promotion work along both lines newly

Regard the advantage of the market austral take root China as the brand, hualing puts the effective demand of consumer of box deep know well on the ice. According to Hua Lingbing box controller introduces, freezer of 8 time approach will continue to roll out nearly 40 to be tasted newly, among them “ brilliant bursts ” series is Hua Lingbing box 8 years more of the broken ice that goes up in high-end market make. This series assembled gold character of 23 years mixes China approach freezer the newest tide of freezer market, besides the traditional advantage that takes ” of refrigeration of major of “ of China approach freezer on the function, pay attention to art to design the application on the product more on the exterior, the style is designed contemporarily after was being used, will straight line and abstract artistic decorative pattern undertook perfect confluence, the exterior with still refined meantime suits of all kinds vogue to live in decorate, the daily life that can be consumer adds not little artistic flavor.

Express according to the expert inside course of study, “ brilliant bursts ” series tastes newly roll out, make Hualing put the integral brand image of box on the ice to get effective promotion, be wooed fashionable customer chase after energetically hold in both hands.

In roll out while high end is tasted newly, china approach freezer still combines consumer of Hua Na area to upgrade the demand of replacement, in Hua Na market share appointed an area to begin “ with old trade the sales promotion activity such as new ” , consumer can be in by old freezer appoint sell a discount with special privilege to buy Hua Ling new refrigerator, achieved the commitment that serves heart to heart for consumer truly. In the meantime, china approach freezer still began by a definite date the activity of busy season sales promotion of nearly 4 months, the customer that buys China approach refrigerator at the appointed time enjoys organic meeting Bao of meal of stewpan of electromagnetism furnace, report, report, fanner, Ou Shizheng the close gift such as boiler. In addition, buy partial indulgence product to still can enjoy more super great gift.

23 years character is like professional refrigeration one
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