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Flourish thing amounts to freezer to disclosed a few days ago, exceed those who roll out day of power consumption to be 0.29 degrees only energy-saving freezer, standard of its specific power consumption achieved European class A energy-saving level, energy-saving technology ranks the cogongrass before the industry. The expert inside course of study expresses, flourish thing amounts to those who exceed energy-saving product to appear on the market, enriched the product a group of people of same interest of series of round ” of “ energy-saving ice further, will make the competition of energy-saving freezer market is sent more 8 years intense.

Energy-saving, last bring out the best in each other

According to flourish thing controller of the box that amount to ice introduces, be about to appear on the market exceed energy-saving freezer ” of round series of attributive “ energy-saving ice, its day all power consumption is 0.29 degrees, greatly the power consumption under traditional freezer, level of specific power consumption ranks industry front row, it is flourish thing amounts to energy-saving science and technology to get run the optimal explanation of the industry. And nearly 20 products that flourish thing amounts to round ” of “ energy-saving ice, include numerous flourish thing amounts to the product that energy-saving effect stresses freezer, its day power consumption is spent for 0.29-0.48 only, reached a nation one class is energy-saving standard. In cogent perform a business responsibility of energy-saving environmental protection while, the green that brought more energy-saving environmental protection for consumption lives.

The partial product of energy-saving series glacial a group still used intelligence to accuse lukewarm technology, cold storage, refrigerant and become lukewarm the area uses microcomputer to accuse automatically lukewarm, every become lukewarm the area is run independently, independent loop, each lukewarm division function is divisional and clear, the control to temperature is OK and accurate fast, avoid to string together flavour, convenient deposit, satisfied different alimental adequately to last requirement. In addition, the partial product of this series returns ad hoc committee - 7 degrees custard area, make the flesh kind before edible need not defrost, reduced nutrient prediction of a person's luck in a given year greatly.

Abiding and energy-saving more show core advantage

The personage inside course of study expresses, as second half of the year " value of demarcate of power consumption of family expenses freezer and can effect grade " draw near what promulgate date increasingly, a few in energy-saving go up to lack core technology firm or will be faced with the menace that is washed out, the conformity of the industry also be about to subsequently aggravate. And possess core the manufacturer of energy-saving technology, better development good luck will get in the industry conformity in this.
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