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Freezer enters much door period

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Release through the energy 2007, 8 years Chinese freezer market enters the inflection point that upgrade. The much door of freezer changes trend all the more apparent. In the meantime, artistic design, last, energy-saving waited for a concept to also get of consumer chase after hold in both hands. Manufacturer of freezer a gleam of in succession around move much door, last wait for make an issue of selling a site. To card of home made product, it is labor force is waited for 7 years hair, and 8 years of broken ice in high-end freezer market, or will become homebred freezer brand to overtake in the round a watershed of foreign capital brand.

Freezer enters much door period

The statistical data that releases according to Zhong Yikang shows, 7 years December, much door, retail to what open Men Bing box volume compared to the same period amplitude is amounted to 86.58% , 124.65% , present the state that crosses a growth. Enter 8 years, freezer much door turns a tide more and more apparent also. Much door freezer puts the technical advantage of box on the ice relative to two, also be consumer place self-identity stage by stage. And in Euramerican wait for a developed country, much door freezer has made market main trend. According to famous nutrition expert Zheng Yonggong tells a reporter, vegetable, fruit, flesh kind, milk products and wine kind the live thing that existing to differ is characteristic, need matchs to last differently deposit requirement. And traditional freezer has satisfied all sorts of food diversification very hard last requirement. This also lasts to have much more lukewarm area of technical freezer popular provided vast market space.

Come from a country beautiful, Su Ning sell the data of field to also make clear greatly, it is high-end freezer of the representing with freezer of 3 the door, much door, the outbreak that already entered market demand period grow with high speed period. Sea Er, beautiful wait for brand of freezer a gleam of to roll out freezer of many many door to be tasted newly in succession, the commanding elevation of the industry of race to control of much door times that intent shortly will come.

The expert expresses, in large and medium-sized urban freezer product upgrades below replacement and many combined action that turn a tide, the capacity of high-end freezer market will continue to expand, market demand will show blowout type to erupt.

Beautiful freezer is about to usher era of much door of “ bright ”

Face the market chance of fleeting, regard an industry as the tycoon that rises abruptly recently, beautiful freezer acumen ground captured this one big inning, roll out product of several many doors, the sturdy determination that showed its to lend many high end that send force the market. And the series of door of high-end new the name of an article that rolls out subsequently is much door freezer, will advocate hit advantage lock to be in surely much more lukewarm area lasts, human nature changes the window such as the design to go up, got via rolling out firstly the favour of high-end consumer. During place goods on trial sale of Guangzhou and other places, be in the situation that demand exceeds supply all the time.
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